Building Partnerships: How We Help Other Scaffolders Excel

20 January 2023

Scaffolding firms make money by renting out modular scaffolding equipment to construction companies and other businesses involved in building. It is possible to manage this kind of small company from the comfort of one’s own home or garage, and it may also be done part-time.

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Research About Efficient Business Structures

Find out which of the available business structures will serve the new scaffolding rental firm in the best way. A sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, or a corporation are the three most common organisational structures for businesses. Creating a sole proprietorship is the least complicated business structure, but limited liability firms and corporations provide additional defence in case of a legal challenge. If you need advice selecting the appropriate organisational structure for your firm, it is recommended that you speak with a business attorney.

Required Local Permits and Licences

Inquire with the area’s local council to discover whether or not the scaffolding firm is required to get any specialised permissions or licences. The local department of commerce or the secretary of state can give information on these licences, which have different requirements depending on where you live. New businesses in certain communities are required to get a general business licence, whereas new businesses in other communities are not required to do so.

Insurance Coverage

Think about getting your rental company covered by a liability insurance policy. This will assist in protecting personal assets if anybody sustains an accident or causes damage while utilising the hired scaffolding equipment. A good rule of thumb is that a corporation has sufficient liability insurance to protect against catastrophic financial losses like bankruptcy. The size of the company and its total assets both have a role in determining the minimum necessary level of liability insurance coverage. If you want specific advice, you should speak with an insurance broker who is knowledgeable about the scaffolding sector.

Possible Business Startup Options

You may either buy second-hand or brand-new scaffolding. Check the classified ads, go to building supply stores to find used equipment at a lower cost than new scaffolding, or compare pricing on new scaffolding at construction supply stores. You can also purchase brand-new scaffolding from several internet merchants. Online retailers frequently offer scaffolding at significantly reduced costs, but the shipping costs for heavy equipment can be prohibitively expensive.

Purchasing Equipment

Make a list of prices for the various pieces of scaffolding equipment. Determine the prices for renting scaffolding daily, weekly, and monthly. Rental companies will typically charge around five per cent of the equipment’s value for a day’s rental, ten per cent for a week’s rental, and twenty per cent for a month’s rental. Create a brochure that includes a list of available scaffolding equipment and costs for that equipment. Please ensure that local businesses that provide services and contractors receive this brochure.

Provide local businesses and construction sites with scaffolding equipment and then deliver and collect it when it is no longer needed. To increase your revenue, you might want to consider charging for delivery and pickup. Another option is offering free transportation to potential customers to increase the likelihood that they will do business with you.

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