The Value of Engineering & Drawing in Scaffolding Projects

09 August 2022

On the construction site, a set of construction drawings is essential for the successful completion of any building project. Engineers use drafting as their major mode of communication. Engineers would be unable to communicate intricate blueprints and design aspects to […]

How the Use of Scaffolding Has Revolutionised the Construction Industry

27 July 2022

Scaffolders and other high-altitude workers have seen considerable improvement in safety protocols over time. Almost fifty years ago, these employees put their lives in danger daily to meet the growing demands of their country’s development. Working at a high altitude […]

Importance of Safe Scaffold Installation in Building Construction

13 July 2022

Falls account for more than a third of construction worker deaths, which isn’t surprising considering the industry’s high mortality rate.  Over one-fifth of the 338 construction worker deaths in 2018 were due to scaffolds. Falling, electrocution, or being hit by […]

Understanding the Different Types of Scaffolding in Australia

28 June 2022

Scaffolding can also be referred to as staging or scaffolding. It can be used for a variety of building projects. Scaffolding can be classified into eight different categories, including trestle, steel, patented, suspended, cantilever, single, double, and kwikstage. To get […]

The Role of Scaffolding in Safe Construction Projects

09 June 2022

There is a good chance that a construction site conjures up an image of a half-finished building, with several people moving about the tall, steel structure at the same time. How important is it to have a framework like this, […]