How Modern Scaffolding Technology Help Optimise Operations

18 November 2022

Over the past several years, it has come to light that the scaffolding business is going through a period of fast digital change. Even though 85 per cent of respondents from around the world have already adopted at least one digital scaffolding solution, many people still find it a challenging shift.

Companies would naturally prefer to be certain that their investment in scaffolding technology would be profitable, given the necessity for investment in terms of time and financial resources.

Are you curious about the return that such an investment may potentially bring you? We’ve got you taken care of.

In this article, we will present how technological advancements have enhanced the operations of scaffolding projects.

Improved Project and Inventory Management

Software designed specifically for scaffolding can help enhance scaffolding operations by improving project management and inventory control. According to the results of our poll, the vast majority of respondents believe that the scaffolding solutions they have used have helped improve accountability and project control.

Inventory management is one of the most important components of a scaffolding company, and one of the best ways to improve how you do it is to use software solutions. The inventory monitoring software you use may offer real-time data on materials spread throughout yards, help you manage re-rentals, and automatically produce invoices. What used to take a lot of time and require much effort may now be completed in seconds.

Enhanced Methods of Verbal and Written Communication

When software takes over formerly manual processes and replaces them with automated ones, it assures increased speed, accuracy, and transparency. This indicates that a project will benefit from more streamlined processes, which is essential and problematic for a highly collaborative project of a vast size, like scaffolding. The following are three tried and tested ways that technological advancements make this feasible.

When you use software, you have the opportunity to create the most accurate picture of scaffolding plans possible. Every stakeholder receives the most precise and up-to-date information at the time of need, whether that information is sent in the form of 3D designs or real-time inventory counts. This implies fewer misunderstandings, less costly delays, and fewer instances of the rework that so frequently befalls scaffolders.

Greater Savings on Cost

More than seventy per cent of the polled scaffolding executives stated that adopting software designed specifically for scaffolding enhanced operations and prevented costly project delays.

Relying on digital records of inventory lists and scaffolding operations makes it easier to promptly respond to customer requests and use equipment effectively, which ultimately results in cost and time savings. In addition, utilising digital designs and virtual handovers helps save time throughout the design phase.

Additional Advantages of Scaffolding Technology

Scaffolding software not only provides a plethora of benefits to its customers and has shown to be a good investment for many firms, but it also empowers the industry to tackle its long-standing difficulties. It might be the key to improving the overall quality of the building sector.

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