Importance of Safe Scaffold Installation in Building Construction

13 July 2022

Falls account for more than a third of construction worker deaths, which isn’t surprising considering the industry’s high mortality rate.  Over one-fifth of the 338 construction worker deaths in 2018 were due to scaffolds. Falling, electrocution, or being hit by flying debris are just some of the hazards faced by scaffold workers. When developing commercial constructions, access to high-rise sites can be a challenge. With scaffolding, workers may now work at greater heights with greater ease.

In the construction industry, scaffolding is vital for a multitude of reasons. Commercial construction projects necessitate the use of scaffolding for the following reasons:


In addition to allowing for greater heights for workers, scaffolding allows them to work more comfortably on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, patios, and windows. A ladder, for example, presents a higher risk of injury than using scaffolding, because it is not as sturdy and secure.

Protection and Safety

One of the most important advantages of scaffolding is that it ensures worker safety. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure at work. Construction projects carry a slew of hazards. Ladders are often insufficient when working on a large-scale building job. When operating at a height, scaffolding obstacles like netting and fencing can assist keep workers safe. Additional advantages include the fact that they can pick up any debris that falls from above, ensuring that workers are not exposed to any dangers.


Scaffolding in construction also has the function of providing workers with safe access. Workers who are involved in the construction of tall structures rely on it heavily. As the height of the scaffolding increases, the type of material used will change as well. Higher altitudes allow construction workers to work more swiftly, safely, and efficiently. Scaffolding does not obstruct traffic and pedestrians are free to cross it even if it is constructed around the buildings’ exteriors.

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