Some of the Common Scaffolding Types from Above All Solutions

08 September 2022

Scaffolding may be a generic term for a temporary structure used to support personnel and materials during building or maintenance operations. However, depending on the conditions, scaffolding may be utilised for various functions. As a result of these differences, there exist many different kinds of scaffolding.

Here are some of the most frequent types of scaffolding used in construction, and all of them are available for rent from Above All Solutions!

Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding, also called “needle” scaffolding, projects at an angle from the side of a building or another scaffolding system. A cantilever scaffold is employed when an access platform cannot be grounded. The presence of barriers on the ground or buildings with an uneven base surface falls under this category. It’s also employed whenever the scaffolding in question has to be slanted outward from the main building structure, yet there is no suitable foundation surface upon which to rest. As a result, cantilever scaffolding is frequently utilised while building staircases, glass roofs, and sloped roofs.

Cantilever scaffolding is constructed by projecting or “cantilevering” a “needle” from the wall of the construction building or a tower of scaffolding raised from the ground. This needle has been thoroughly reinforced on all sides, and a platform has been constructed on top. The potential for falls is reduced by using barriers and edge protection. When constructing a scaffold from the ground up is impractical or too expensive, cantilever scaffolding can be used to create a safe place to work.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

Its rapid assembly and disassembly time earned Kwikstage, a type of system scaffolding (also known as “modular” scaffolding), the term “quick stage.” This form of scaffolding is widely employed in the construction industries of Australia, South Africa, Scotland, and Ireland. It is used in various contexts, from residential buildings to industrial mining and processing. Erectors affix ledgers and transoms to standards on a Kwikstage scaffold by driving pins into pockets on the verticals, commonly referred to as “V-pressings” because of their form. Side brackets (sometimes called cantilever brackets or hop-ups), non-slip platforms, double guardrails, toe boards, and mesh protection panels can be utilised to adapt the project further.

Kwikstage’s popularity stems from the fact that it may dramatically decrease your upload time. Because it has fewer moving parts than other staging options, Kwikstage is easier to source for projects, and painted (non-galvanised) Kwikstage is readily available at a low cost. Also, with fewer moving parts, you can be certain that your workplace will be in perfect vertical alignment, increasing your safety and productivity.

System Scaffolding

Scaffolding is predominantly made up of pre-engineered vertical and horizontal components that join together in a systematic method and fall under the broader category of system scaffolding, also known as modular or prefabricated scaffolding. Ringlock, cuplock, and kwikstage are all examples of system scaffolding. All manner of building and upkeep tasks benefit immensely from the usage of system scaffolding. While it takes longer to build than a tube and clamp system, it is more adaptable than a frame and brace system because of how its components were built.

All system scaffolds are built with a latching mechanism, albeit the precise details of this mechanism vary depending on the system being built. Various angles can be achieved by using this mechanism to join vertical posts to horizontal or diagonal tubes. Scaffolding for any system consists of a small number of mandatory building blocks and a wide variety of customisable add-ons. Because of its adaptability, simplicity of assembly, and dependability, system scaffolding is a popular choice among builders. When there are fewer moving parts, the building is more secure.

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